Dog rescued after getting stuck in concrete drain pipe

This clumsy stray dog had to be rescued after trying to crawl through a pipe and getting stuck in the narrow space.

The hapless pooch was heard whimpering for help in Yasothorn, northern Thailand on Tuesday (August 13) early morning.

Neighbours found the exhausted dog with only her head poking out of the tight concrete drainage pipe.

Punnathron Kongsakul, 29, tried to pull the poor dog out before giving up and calling the rescue team for help and telling them to bring along more tools.

The rescue team came and used a hammer to break the drain cover and were finally able to rescue the two-year-old white mongrel dog.

Punnathron, who comforted and gave food to the dog throughout the ordeal, then sent her to the nearby vets and paid for all fees.

She has now adopted the dog.

Punnathron said: "The dog must be a stray dog from the hood as I have never seen her before, she might be chasing down a mouse before she got stuck in the drain.

"When she left the vet, I will adopt and take care of her myself. Give her good care so she will not be stuck in any drain again."