Dog rescued after spending two days with head stuck under gate in Thailand

This dog needed to be rescued after spending two days with its head trapped under an iron gate.

The black mongrel had tried to clamber back through the gap outside the house in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand, on Tuesday (August 27) morning.

But the space was too small and he spent all day and night crying for help. Locals finally found him on Wednsday afternoon before calling the emergency services.

Rescue teams found the dog tired from the lack of food and water. Hydraulic bolt cutters were then used to push the gate off the ground so the pooch could scamper away.

Neighbour Ladda Srakaew, 40, said she had first saw the dog the day before but didn't think he was stuck.

She said: "I live around here and heard him crying for two days.

"The house owner is a foreigner who left two years ago. There is a housekeeper who usually comes to clean the place, but I didn't know if the dog would survive until then.

"I gathered people to try and lift the gate because I worried that the dog might die but it is too heavy for us, so I contacted the rescue volunteers."