Dog rides on the roof of pick-up truck

This dog had drivers in disbelief after it was seen standing on the roof of a moving pick-up truck.

The well-balanced pooch was perched over the cabin on the red Nissan in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on September 14 at 11am.

Passing driver Khun Chumphon, 56, was parked up in the shoulder. His wife, Tai, is heard saying: ''Oh, wow, that's amazing! A dog standing on top of the car. Drive a little bit closer.''

The couple then caught up with the vehicle and looked over at the brown and white Aspin breed of dog which was stood n the roof as the driver casually cruised along. Tai is then heard saying: ''The dog is so acrobatic, so skilful.''

Speaking after, Chumphon said: ''I've seen dogs on motorbikes before but I've never seen one standing on the roof of a car. It was very unusual.''