Dog That Lost Leg to Cancer is Back to Chomping at Water

Occurred on June 18, 2021 / Missoula, Montana, USA

Info from Licensor: "My pup is 10 years old. She had been limping for about a month and wasn't getting better. I saw a Reddit post about a three-legged dog and the poster said his dog had the leg amputated after being diagnosed with bone cancer. He went on to tell another Redditor that he took his critter to the vet after it developed a limp that had no obvious cause and that didn't improve. Based on the similarities, I took my gal Elliott to the vet. They did x-rays and found cancer. She was scheduled for surgery the following day, which was Wednesday last week. She lost the leg and was out of it when we picked her up from the vet on Wednesday afternoon. Thursday she seemed to improve a lot, and this video is of her doing something she absolutely adores doing: chomping at the stream of water when I use the hose.