Doggo Eviscerates Ice Cream Cone

Occurred on February 18, 2019 / Shawnee, Kansas, USA

Info from Licensor: "The dog in the video is named Couscous and she is a rescue dog adopted from Wayside Waifs (Kansas City, MO) in 2017. Couscous is a rambunctious Great Pyrenees mixed with Rough Collie whose passionate about anything related to food and occasionally gets the opportunity to join her human pack when they are craving dessert--their favorite spot in town is Andy's Frozen Custard (Shawnee, KS), which is the site of this video. Couscous is quite the hunter and has an obsession with chasing squirrels and rabbits. The excitement she shows as she is about to receive the cone is comparable to the excitement she shows before being let out into the yard to attempt to eviscerate squirrels (has yet to catch one). Couscous inhales the ice-cream cone outside of the car, which is appreciated because she didn't leave any crumbs behind. Couscous rarely gets to eat ice cream but when she does, it does not affect her GI negatively (as can happen with other dogs)."