Doggy Bites at Bills

Occurred on December 27, 2020 / Seattle, Washington, US

Info from Licensor: "Louie is a female (her full name is Louise. She's a Toy Poodle! After quarantine started, like everyone, we spent more time at home which meant Lou was awake when the mail came— and she did not like those papers coming through the door! She's a sweet dog the rest of the time, very cuddly and cute, but when she hears that mail truck rumble by, she turns! She'll wait up on the back of our chair in the front window to see when he's coming round, and when he does she defends our house from any invading junk mail and miscellaneous bills that come our way. There's the occasional casualty, like my birthday card, but it's worth it just to see what she'll do every day! The mailman does know about it and he said, "I'm used to it— I am a mailman after all"