Dogs Have Cutest Wrestling Match Ever

Occurred on February 13, 2019 / Hamden, Connecticut, USA

Info from Licensor: "Luke is an 8-month Great Pyrenees who is the definition of a gentle giant. King is a 12-week old French Bulldog who loves to accessorize. Every Wednesday, King and Luke have playdates at Luke's house. In this video, King and Luke are doing their version of wrestling. King will always try to hump Luke's head while he's laying down. Luke's owner is a senior advertising major at Quinnipiac University named Emily, and King's owner is a Health Science major who also attends Quinnipiac named Sami. Both dogs live in Hamden, Connecticut, and are well known on the college campus and around town. When Luke was about 6 months old, he was diagnosed with Lyme's Disease and has had other health complications, but is now happy and healthy! Both dogs are incredibly friendly, love to be around people, and enjoy photo shoots on a regular basis."