Dopey dog tries to carry stick horizontally into kennel before eventually giving up

This is the amusing moment a pit bull tried to take a stick into his kennel - only to be hampered because he could not move it sideways.

Two-year-old Jack picked up the piece of wood on a field near his home in Perth, Australia, on May 2.

But when the dopey dog returned home and tried to carry it back into his kennel, the stick was too long to fit because he was carrying it horizontally in his mouth. Instead of turning the stick lengthways, seven-year-old Jack made a further eight attempts at getting his new toy back to his room - using added force each time.

The despondent pooch eventually gave up and skulked away over the yard to play with his stick.

Jack's owner, Khun Supatta, who is originally from Thailand, said: ''My baby isn't so smart! Bless him, he picked up the stick while we were out walking but he couldn't get it inside his kennel.''