Doting husband, 69, takes his disabled wife, 80, to work every day on his modified motorcycle

This doting husband takes his disabled wife to work with him every day driving her round on a modified motorcycle.

Surasak Tengchamru, 69, trawls the streets around his home in Chonburi, eastern Thailand, looking for plastic bottles and scrap metal that he can weigh in for a few pence every day.

His wife, Jan, 80, fell ill a few years ago and has been unable to walk since. She is believed to have suffered a stroke.

But loyal husband Surasak refuses to leave her alone at home. So each day he carries her from their rundown tin-roofed shack and loads her into his motorcycle.

Surasak said he salvaged a hospital bed, wheelchair and trailer then welded them onto the front of his bike so he can look after his wife.

''I spent all my money in buying pillows and quilts so it's comfortable for her,'' he said.

''I wouldn't feel good if my wife was at home on her own while I am at work all day. She needs to be cared for and I can do that while I work.''

Surasak earns around 20 baht (22 pence) a day collecting plastic bottles and scrap metal which he then weighs in at the recycling centre.

The couple also received 350 baht (8 pounds) each in state pension payments from the Thai government.

But despite their poor lifestyle, Surasak says his love for his wife is ''the most important'' motivation for him.

He said: ''I'm proud that I can take care of my wife. That's the most important thing for me.''