Dramatic moment builder is rescued from overturned backhoe that burst into flames

This is the dramatic moment a trapped builder was rescued from an overturned backhoe that caught fire.

Akkarach Ornsila, 18, was operating the machine while removing concrete poles along a small street in Udon Thani, northeastern Thailand on Wednesday (June 26).

But the digger could not stay steady while moving along the rough hilly road, losing its balance and toppling over.

Shocked colleagues rushed to help while locals called the emergency services who rushed to the scene.

The team used a jack to lift the cabin and make more space for the injured man before attempting to lift the digger with a crane, but it was too heavy.

Shockingly, while they were waiting for reinforcements, an engine fire broke out and thick smoke began filling the cabin.

Footage shows volunteers and workers use fire extinguishers and hoses as they desperately battled to prevent an explosion with smoke becoming stronger.

Akkarach was heard crying in pain as the fire started burning his right leg. The rescuers eventually managed to drag him out from the backhoe and immediately rushed him to the hospital.

The injured man’s colleague Kantachart Fah-edin said that Akkarach was covering for him, but he was only a manual labourer and was not well practised in using the machine.

Kantachart said: “I took personal leave today, but I didn’t know he would do my job because I knew that he was not familiar driving the backhoe.

“I came here to help him as soon as I knew about the accident. I feel sorry for him but I’m also glad that he was safely rescued.”