Dramatic video shows hundreds of jellyfish wash up dead on Indonesian beach

Hundreds of jellyfish have been washing up dead on a beach in Indonesia.

Video filmed on Friday (August 9) shows jellyfish every few feet along Erong beach in West Sumatra.

Ulung Jantama Wisha, a researcher with the ministry of marine affairs and fisheries, said the cause was unknown. He said: "It could be from the influence of the environment; it could be from [their] efforts to find food; it could also be due to the strong currents that [they became] stranded; it could also be due to the influence of climate."

"We will conduct research here so we can determine the cause of this incident," he added.

Jellyfish dry up quickly when washed up on a beach.

The phenomenon is likely to have a negative impact on local fishermen and the tourist trade.