Driver caught doing more than 50mph in the wrong direction on motorway

A woman was caught on camera driving at more than 50mph the wrong way down a motorway.

The 27-year-old motorist was captured hurtling along the highway in Selangor, Malaysia, last Tuesday night (August 20).

A shocked motorcycle rider noticed the reckless driving and filmed it on his helmet camera while sounding his horn at the white Perodua Alza, calling out for her to stop.

Lim Hong Xiang said he wanted to warn others about reckless driving. He said: "I have no idea what that girl was trying to do, there could have been an accident. This is so dangerous. "

The driver surrendered herself at the Ampang Jaya police station.

She confessed to driving recklessly and said she had taken a wrong turn which led her to the motorway.

Selangor Traffic Investigations and Enforcement Department Chief Superintendent Azman Shari'at said:

"The woman informed police that she entered the highway from the wrong lane and was planning to leave at the nearest exit.

"However, she was not high on drugs as her urinalysis result was negative."

The police chief said the woman had been released on bail over the incident.