Driver Defends Himself from Stumbling Woman for Several Minutes

Occurred on December 8, 2018 / San Francisco, California, USA

Info from Licensor: "I picked up a passenger who had an Uber ordered for her by her friend. 5 minutes into the trip, we pull up to a red light and she opens the door and says “I’ll get out right here.” She gets out, stumbles to a sitting position on the curb and then lays down and then closes her eyes as if she’s gonna go to bed right on the sidewalk. I pull over to put on my hazards and try calling her friend that ordered her Uber. After several attempts to reach her, she doesn’t answer. I got out of my car and say “Hey!! This isn’t your stop.” She snaps out of it, gets up and gets back in the car. A couple of minutes later during the trip, she started making burping noises so I handed her a throw-up bag that I keep in my car. She started throwing up in the bag, but when I proceeded to pull over, she leaned to her side and was laying on the back seat and most of the throw-up ended on the backseat and not in the bag. I pulled over opened the back door and sat her upright and saw the throw up all over the backseat. I helped her out the car and sat her on the curb. I told her to call someone or I’ll call her another Uber, but I can’t take her to her destination anymore. I popped my trunk and started cleaning my back seat with rags and cleaning supplies that I keep in my trunk. I tried calling her friend that ordered the Uber multiple times again but she didn’t answer my calls or text I sent. I’m at my trunk getting all my supplies back in the Tupperware I keep them in when I realize that she jumped back in my car. At this point, I don’t want her in my car. She has throw-up all over herself and I’m afraid she might throw up again after I just cleaned it up. I keep asking her to please get out of my car, but she’s just ignoring me and that’s when I start recording to prove she’s not listening to me and I tell her I’m gonna call the cops. In between the first and second video is when I call the cops. While I’m calling the cops, she’s mumbling obscenities at me and I tell her the cops are on the way when I hang up. That’s when the second video starts of her finally getting out of my car and chasing after me and assaulting me. The cops finally come and I tell them what happened and they write it off like it happens every day in the city. An ambulance shows up and takes her away to the hospital to sleep it off. When the paramedic is talking to her, the paramedic says, “Looks like you threw up” and my passenger says “I didn’t throw up”, then the paramedic says “There’s throw up on the side of your face.” Meanwhile, my night is done and I drive back home."