Driver finds 5ft long monitor lizard hiding under his car

A motorist was shocked after he went to start his car and found a 5ft long monitor lizard hiding under the engine.

Sompon Pitaksong, 48, climbed inside his pick-up truck on Monday (January 21) evening before hearing rustling coming from under his feet.

He thought there could be a problem with the wheel chassis, and bent down to investigate - before noticing the reptile's tail hanging down.

The shocked father-of-two called the emergency services who arrived at the home in Chachoengsao, Thailand, and dragged the beast out onto the front drive.

Sompon said: ''I'm relieved that I didn't start the car engine and drive away or it could have been very bad for the lizard. It's lucky that we found him and took him out.

''My truck is quite new so I can understand why the lizard was attracted to it.''

The monitor lizard was put inside a canvas sack and driven away to be released back into the wild.