Driver miraculously survives after train hits car at level crossing

This is the dramatic moment a speeding train ploughed into a car after the driver fell asleep at a level crossing.

The 46-year-old woman driver named Chen approached the crossing with her female passenger - who both survived the accident in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, on May 2.

Chen failed to notice red warning lights when she stopped in a queue of traffic, with another car in front of them.

They were positioned directly over the train tracks when Chen - who told police she was tired - briefly nodded off behind the wheel. She finally roused herself but it was too late and she was unable to drive through as the barrier had already come down.

Camera footage from the vehicle in front shows how she tried to reverse to create an angle to move through the gap. The female passenger then jumped out of the car to make a dash for the emergency release button on the barriers.

Moments later, the Puyuma express train 110 came speeding along and smashed into the car. Amazingly, the driver was able to climb out of their wrecked minicar with only minor cuts and the passenger also escaped unhurt.

However, authorities have now fined Chen 15,000 Taiwanese dollars (370GBP) over the level crossing accident. Her license will also be suspended for one year.