Driver narrowly escapes being hit by massive explosion from car pileup on Russian highway

A burning car exploded on a highway in Russia sending a huge flare across the road that nearly hit a passing driver.

The incident was captured on the M4 highway near the city of Rostov na Donu on November 14.

Footage captured from inside a vehicle driving on the opposite lane of the traffic shows a pileup of nearly 10 vehicles, one on fire, stranded on the highway following a massive crash.

Both driver and passenger are shocked by the heavy traffic. ‘’Look at these cars, it's unbelievable,’’ they say.

As they move along the highway the car on fire explodes sending a massive flare across the highway that nearly hits them.

"Oh my god, what was that?! I filmed it, I filmed this blast,’’ says the filmer in the video.

Both driver and passenger survived with no injuries.

4 people died in the car accident, according to Russian media.