Driver shocked to find giant monitor lizard hiding behind his car

A driver was shocked after finding a seven-foot-long monitor lizard curled up behind his car.

Phongsakorn Merin, 54, was watching TV he heard his dog barking in the garage of his home in Chachoengsao, central Thailand, on May 19.

The resident went to see what was causing the noise and was stunned when the giant reptile scurried along the ground and dashed under his black Honda.

Rescue workers arrived and had a hard time catching the ferocious beast - which snapped one pole then tried to climb through a window.

However, the monitor lizard - known locally as a ‘money gold’ because they are believed to bring good luck - was eventually caught by three men.

Relieved house owner Phongsakorn said: ''I was sitting inside when I heard my dog barking. I saw the lizard and tried to chase it out but it refused to go.

''Even the rescue team could not catch the lizard. They kept trying until it became tired.''

The lizard was tied up then dragged into a paramedic’s car before being driven away and released into the wild several miles away from where it is unlikely to disturb humans.