Driver swerves into oncoming traffic after suffering a seizure at the wheel

While driving home last Christmas, this driver endured a seizure at the wheel sending them careening off the road through oncoming traffic.

Shot in Spokane, Washington state on December 28, 2017, dashcam footage shows the driver swerving into the wrong side of the road with heavy traffic still coming towards him.

Luckily there were no collisions and the vehicle came to halt relatively safely outside a residential property, sparking the attention of the occupants, who then called emergency services.

The filmer said: "I started having a seizure. I had no warning signs at all and had felt fine all day

"Luckily the people in the house on the left had just gone into their house and noticed what happened and called paramedics that showed up a couple minutes later.

"During the whole event, I have no recollection of anything happening and woke up in the hospital shortly after and found out what happened.

"Until this, I had never had a seizure while awake and have not had once since. I and others believe luck was seriously on my side that day."