Driver terrified after finding 16ft long king cobra inside her car engine

A driver was shocked after finding a 16ft (4.8m) long king cobra in her car engine moments after she had parked in central Thailand yesterday (March 4).

Chutikarn Kaewthongchaijaruen, 30, came back from the local market and was about to cook food when she heard the dogs constantly barking at her truck.

She walked out to stop the noise and was shocked to see the cobra’s tail hanging out of the bonnet.

The car owner immediately called Si Racha rescuers to catch the reptile at the home in Chonburi.

Kaewthongchaijaruen said she never thought the barking would lead her to see the huge snake in her car as she always parked in the area and had never seen reptiles there before.

She said: ‘’The snake might have come from the cassava field nearby or it might have been within the car me and joined my ride. That thought really freaked me out.

Two rescue workers peered under the bonnet to lure out the venomous serpent while the other one was waiting to catch it. It took more than 20 minutes to snare the cobra.

The giant cobra was measured to be 16 feet long. Officers bagged it up before it was released it back into the wild.