Drivers stop traffic to rescue kitten from underneath car on Thai motorway

This is the heartwarming moment drivers stopped speeding traffic to rescue a stray kitten stranded in the middle of a motorway.

Teera Potisat, 28, and his partner Kessarapawn Inpang, 26, were driving home when they noticed the frail moggy dodging the vehicles in Thailand yesterday (February 19).

Footage shows how Teera left his car and rushed over to help the frightened female baby cat which had tried to scramble to safety under a sedan, which had stopped to avoid hitting her.

The kind rescuer joined the car owner and another driver to retrieve the cat from the wheel chassis.

Teera crawled under the car while Kessarapawn tried to gently coax out the kitten.

Highway police also intervened and made sure the highway traffic was under control throughout the rescue.

She eventually emerged and was trembling from the shock of being surrounded by loud cars.

After taking a while to comfort the poor kitten, Teera’s girlfriend Kessarapawn volunteered to adopt her and named her ‘Taang-duan’ which means 'a highway' in Thai.

Kessarapawn said that this was the first time she had rescued a lost animal.

She said: ‘’I would say that I am familiar with cats since I have 10 Persians at my place. But this is the first time I have ever saved a kitten and adopted them.’’

The cat lover also praised the other passing motorists and traffic officers who helped with the rescue.

She commented: ''Seeing how many people stopped to help shows how much everyone cares about animals.

''They did not even complain about the traffic jam yet they were trying their best to make her safe.''