Drowsy Derby County fan springs to life joining in with chant at Championship play-off final

This Derby County fan on the verge of sleeping springs to action upon hearing a chant requiring him to 'stand up if he hates Forest.'

Filmed on May 27 during the Championship play-off final at Wembley Stadium, Connor was caught drifting off by his friend Catherine Tyndyke before launching to his feet to join in a, "stand up if you hate Forest," chant.

Tyndyke told Newsflare: "My friend noticed he was falling asleep and got my attention, we both burst out laughing! Everyone around us couldn’t believe it and started laughing too. I then recorded Connor, not expecting that I’d catch him waking up to join in with the chanting, I guess he must really hate Forest.

"He was dosing for about 10 minutes along with our other friend in the video, he’d had his first drink at 6:30 that morning! This has never happened before, Connor’s a die-hard derby fan. We’d been talking about the final all week which was why it was so funny. The early drinking just got the better of him."