Drumming two-year-old baby rocks out to Foo Fighters' Carpool Karaoke

Little Amelia is not yet two-years-old but she already loves to rock out to her favourite band, the Foo Fighters.

Video of Amelia at home in San Diego shows her start to play her toy drums after seeing the band appear on the TV program "Carpool Karaoke" alongside James Corden.

Amelia loves banging the drums, having started aged six months, and likes the Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl - one-time stickman in Nirvana - and drummer Taylor Hawkins, recognising both of them frequently and playing along whenever she sees them.

Writes the mother: "She can hear two chords or drum beats of a Foo song on the radio in the car and will say 'Foo!' before I've even had a chance to recognize the song! She absolutely LOVES Dave Grohl (she says 'Foo Dave' excitedly whenever she sees him on TV) and has a new-found love of James Corden because of this edition of Carpool Karaoke (a segment on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" on CBS)."