'Drunk' Thai man rescued from sinking mud after falling off pier

This is the bizarre moment an alleged drunk man was rescued after
falling off a pier and getting trapped in thick mud.

Sompong Singita, 32, and his pal Songka Kamsang, 35, had finished off half a bottle of liquor, reportedly, when they felt like jogging at 5am on October 17.

The pair were taking in the sunrise while running along a jetty in Chonburi, Thailand, but Sompong stumbled and fell 16ft into the muddy sand below.

Rescue workers arrived shortly after but none of them wanted to venture into the goo so they called in a local forklift truck driver to help.

The construction worker spent an hour lowering two paramedics on a crate down to Sompong as they faced a race against time to free him from the slop before the tide came in.

He told them he was fine but stuck in the sand. Eventually the rescuers hauled him out, and Sompong sat on the edge of the pier with his face covered in filth as he recounted his ordeal to reporters.

He says in the video: ''It hurt a lot when I fell into the mud. But I'm OK now.''

Sompong said he was having a cigarette while he was jogging and ''took a wrong step''.

According to his friend, Songka, the pals had been drinking when they decided to go for a run.

He said: ''We thought it was a good idea. The sun had just come up and the air was fresh. I'm not sure we'll go jogging again after this.''