Early Jurassic era dinosaur footprints discovered by hiker in Chongqing

Associate Professor Xing Lida, from the China University of Geosciences, explored and analyzed the newly discovered dinosaur footprints from the early Jurassic on Gele mountain in southern China' Chongqing on July 5.

In the video, Dr. Xing was analyzing the footprints. The camera zoomed in the No. 24 footprint, while he said: "You can see it has very clear three-finger marks here.

"We preliminarily consider it was from the Jurassic era which can date back around 190 million years ago.

"The footprint is around 20cm long, so we can guess the dinosaur was around four-metres long."

According to reports, a hiker found the footprints when he tried to walk down the mountain but got lost. Since he is a geologist, he took some pictures and shared on social media to let experts identify the print.

After examining over 40 footprints on the mountain, Dr. Xing deducted they were made by a Dilophosaurus.