Eiffel Tower's 130th Anniversary sees thousands of Parisiennes and tourist gather to watch dazzling light show

These stunning images show the Eiffel Tower as it has never been seen before.

Thousands of Parisiennes and tourists alike gathered on May 16 at the Champs de Mars to watch the Iron Lady sparkle in a dazzling light show to commemorate the tower's 130th anniversary.

Construction on the 324 metre tall tower which weighs 7,300 tonnes was completed in 1889 and used as the entrance way in to World Fair of the same year.

Despite calls for the tower to be dismantled after the World Fair the Iron Lady remained steadfast and soon became one of the most recognisable structures in the world.

The lights displayed on the tower itself during the ceremony included the projected phrase "Pour toutes les victimes..." alluding to the victims of Paris' past terrorist attacks. The metal tower also displayed the colours of the French flag along with projected ancient Greek letters.

A mixture of lights placed on the structure itself and projections created a stunning display of illuminated artistry.

However as the celebrations were taking place, large traffic jams built up on The Trocadero.

Footage shows thousand gathered outside the Eiffel Tower for the structures 130th birthday.

The filmler captures the crowd cheering loudly at one point during the ceremony when the tower was illuminated by upward pointing lights.

The images show many spectators recording the the light show with their phones. The footage also shows the illuminated Parthenon building as well as local vendors selling sparkling models of the Eiffel Tower and packed souvenir shops.

The filmer also shows a thick traffic jam formed on the Trocadero in which a chorus of honking horns can be heard ringing out.