Elderly man slogs to save calf from garbage covered pond

A 70-year-old man battled to pull out a calf from a pond completely covered with rubbish and litter in southern India.

Yusuf Khan, saw something moving amidst a garbage-laden water body in Vijayapur last Friday (December 14).

He stopped on the road to observe and was astonished to see a calf struggling to keep its head out of the water.

Pulling out the calf was risky work as the approach was slippery and the depth of the water was unknown.

Khan quickly tied some branches together and lowered the bundle to the edge of the water to give him a stable ground to stand. He then got down to the dirty water himself and pulled the calf out with a little help from various onlookers.

The stray calf, which was slightly injured in one of the horns, ran away, happy to have survived the ordeal.

A local teacher, Siddaraju, said: “Yusuf sir’s selfless action not just saved a life, but also made a telling point on how we have ruined our natural resources.”

“It’s time we stopped using our ponds as dumping grounds for trash,” he added.