Elderly Singaporean woman calls over wild terrapins to give them back scrubs

This is the adorable moment an elderly lady crouched down by a lake - to clean wild terrapins by scrubbing their backs at the Singapore Botanic Gardens on July 27.

The elderly woman took her own brush before luring over the red-eared sliders with a small tube of food.

Footage shows the kind-hearted woman giving the terrapins a back scrub to remove the thick algae off their shells.

Onlooker Nur Ariffin said: ''I went to the Botanical Gardens and saw this delightful sight, Aunty was happily scrubbing thick green algae off the backs of them cute terrapins.

''The terrapins happily came towards her to get their backs cleaned and once it was done they cutely walked off. It was such a heartwarming sight. Everyone needs a good back scrub once in a while, right!''