Elderly woman with dementia sings her heart out

"A few months ago I got a job I never thought I would be able to do due to my being such a softie, But what an amazing few months it has been. Last night I was asked to sing and host the Christmas party for the residents at the care home I work in and I have never been so emotional on stage my entire time of doing what I love. This is the incredible Margaret who is living with dementia, every day at work we sing this song together and I do whatever I can to brighten her day and all the other residents. Those close to me will know this was my Grandad’s funeral song who our family sadly lost to Alzheimer’s last year. Iv never really sang this song as it’s a classic but I knew how much Margaret and her family would love it, Her family & friends were there in the audience to witness this moment and what a moment it was. For her to get up on stage at her age and have so much courage and fight and sing so beautifully absolutely blew my mind. This is a moment I will never ever forget. Be more like Margaret and live each day to the full and sing your absolute hearts out! This video isn’t about being pitch-perfect but it’s about this amazing woman doing what she loves the most which are singing. I feel so blessed to have been able to get her up to sing with me. A moment in my heart forever."

Credit: Jamie Lee Morley