Elephant flips over car driving through national park in north India

Two men had a narrow escape after an elephant advanced on their car while they were driving through a national park in northern India last Sunday (December 2).

The pair were passing through Ramnagar district in Uttarakhand state, on a road passing through Jim Corbett National Park when they encountered the belligerent elephant.

Afraid, the two men brought their vehicle to a halt and fled from the car. Forest guards from a picket nearby heard the commotion and arrived on the scene.

Video of them trying to scare off the elephant shows it toying with the car, while officers can be heard discussing how to get the elephant to move back to the jungle.

The guards yell, bang sticks and even fire their rifles into the air to intimidate it, all proving ineffective as the elephant lightly flipped the car over before wandering away after more loud protests by the rangers.