Engaged Couple Has Been Foiled

Occurred on March 31, 2022 / Hull, East Yorkshire, UK

Info from Licensor: So my Fiance (Jodie) and I (Sam) returned back from holiday (after a full day and night traveling, exhausted) to our entire kitchen and living room covered in tin foil, nearly every item packaged up in the shiny aluminum foil. Jodie’s mother had said to record our arrival as there is a surprise for us when we got in, we had absolutely no idea a surprise like this would be waiting for us haha. We were both historical with laughter and disbelief. The culprits were both of my Fiances work friends, Jessica and Marlie. They often play pranks on each other and this by far tops them all. This particular prank was in response to a circular finger below the water video we sent to Jessica on our holidays. The whole exercise took them both a little over 7 hours and used £60 worth of tin foil. The pair had to sneak past our ring doorbell to gain access to the house unnoticed and then couldn’t leave until the job had been completed for this same reason.
My Fiance doesn’t know how she will top this to get them back.