Escaped zoo python caught in family's laundry room

This is the dramatic moment an escaped python is recaptured and returned to the zoo - after eating a family's farm animals.

The 15ft long snake - nicknamed Sawa - sparked panic when it broke out of its enclosure at the Albay Park and Wildlife centre in Albay province, the Philippines.

Several days later the rampaging serpent was discovered by a shocked resident hiding under a pile of laundry in their spare room on November 4.

They called the zoo and park staff arrived to find the python onto a shelf behind an electric keyboard. They dragged it down and with a long lasso on the end of a pole and stuffed the snake into a sack.

Shaken homeowner Makol Bolanos said: ''The snake might have been the one eating our backyard poultry animals. We've lost a goose, some turkeys, and a number of chickens.''

A spokesman for Albay Park and Wildlife said the python is believed to have slithered out through a gap in the enclosure.

They said: ''We have checked the room and ensured that it is secure. We don't think this will happen again.''