Extinction Rebellion activists hold dramatic "die-in" outside Harrods and one rants at security guards

The Extinction Rebellion activist group held an dramatic 'die-in' which saw many protesters lying in a big pile outside the doors of the luxury London department store Harrods on May 14th.

Security guards formed a human barrier inside the store blocking anyone from entering after the activists arrived.

The rebels shouted chants of "Power to the people!" and "Whose streets? Our streets!"

One protester stood upright next to Harrods' entrance with the Extinction Rebellion symbol wrapped around her

A busker carried on playing his guitar and singing while the demonstration took place - even changing some of his lyrics to fit the scenario.

Later in the clip one activist is seen 'ranting' at the security guards behind the door.

As a guard takes down a sticker placed on the building an activist can be heard shouting "You b*****d!"

He continued: "What did you pull [the sticker] down for? Do you want Harrods to look bad? ... You should've left it up there! What's the matter with you?"

The animated activist continued to shout at the security guards warning: "We'll be back after closing! We're trying to save the Earth!"

Footage shows a pile of Extinction Rebellion protesters pretending to be dead outside Harrods department store with a number security guards standing behind and in-front of the entrance.

The filmer also captures an agitated activist in what looks like a suit jacket or blazer shouting at the security guards after they remove an Extinction Rebellion sticker from above the entrance.

The confrontation ends without any arrests, violence or even a visible police presence. The activist even touches the security guards shoulder and makes him smile just before leaving.