Extinction Rebellion crowd repeat instructions in bizarre call and response

Extinction Rebellion protesters wanted to deliver letters to their MPs as the protests continued on April 23.

The Parliament Square rebels were under some confusion as to how the logistics of this would happen given that there was a huge crowd gathered.

One activist had some information about how the organisation of the letter delivery would take place and recited the information to the listening crowd.

In a bizarre show of call and response the protesters repeated every single word that the single protester recited to them.

Footage shows the one protester standing in a high-vis jacket speaking without a microphone explaining how the group were told not to deliver the letters to the Cromwell Road entrance but to 1 Whitehall.

The single protester shows a sense of humour while dictating the information as at the end he makes the crowd repeat that he has been told to "get out of the street."

The filmer pans left and right to show the magnitude of the protesters gathered in Parliament Square.