Extreme cold in North Indian state causes water in pipes to freeze into cylindrical rods of ice

A farmer was left startled after ice started coming out of his motor pipe when he tried watering his fields early in the morning in Haryana, India.

In the video, cylindrical rods of ice can be seen popping out of the pipe.

The water froze overnight due to the relatively low temperature as winter has hit hard in the national capital and the states nearby.

The farmer Dhaniram said, “I came in the morning to water my field but the water didn’t come out. I initially thought that the motor had gone defective, but after some moments, ice started popping out of it. My son burst into laughter.”

“I shut down my motor immediately as it would damage its parts.”

The video was later shared by the farmer on the social media, which drew different reactions from the users worldwide.

A user Nanak Kumar said, “The field is an open area and the temperature is relatively 4 degrees lower than the city temperature. The water froze because of that.”

Another user Bhole Viswakarma said, “That’s quite ready, we just need to pop up the champagne in the glass to keep us warm.”

India is reeling under extremely low temperatures due to the onset of winter, with some residents reporting that water freezes into ice in their water tanks.