Famous Grizzly 399 and Four Cubs Wander Wyoming Neighborhood

Occurred on October 27, 2020 / Wilson, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: "We just moved to this area a few weeks ago. My husband, our son who was visiting from out of town, and myself were headed to dinner. I saw some signs that said slow down because moose are in the area. I saw a truck coming down a private road going very slow. I thought maybe he was seeing a moose, when a big bear caught my eye. Not knowing at first who it was, within a second or two, I saw the four bouncing baby bear cubs and knew it was the famous 399. We quickly pulled over. Traffic was fast. We even got honked at and yelled at for stopping. I'm glad we did. Just then, they darted across the busy road. It could have been tragic. We turned around a followed them down a dirt road. We saw them in someone’s yard, cross a dirt road and walk behind some pines. It was an amazing experience. I hope and pray they make it back to their territory and den soon."