Fans of K-pop act NCT 127 grapple with airport security to enter first-class lounge

Crazed K-pop fans wrestled with airport security guards at an airport in Bangkok to reach boy band singers in the first class lounge.

Fans of South Korean boy band NCT 127 sparked chaos when they flocked to Suvarnabhumi Airport to see the singers fly home on June 23.

The K-pop idols had visited Thailand for their first world tour, which was sold out within the first 45 minutes since being put up on the website.

Footage from later that evening shows how one girl tried to push past security guards to the airport lounge, where the artists would be waiting for the flight departure.

She refused to leave and continued pushing herself against the guards to enter the restricted area, sparking concern among other passengers.

More fans converged on the entrance to the escalator before breaking through the airport security officers and sprinting to the lounge.

The K-pop singers can be seen casually walking past the scuffle.

Airport officials said fans were also risking their lives standing on the parked luggage trollies outside the departure area, only to get a glimpse of their favourite artists.

The chaos caused Airports of Thailand authorities to roll out new security measures and designate special areas for K-Pop fans.

Sutheerawat Suwannawat, Suvarnabhumi Airport managing director, said on June 28 that more guards will be deployed to control the fans and will not allow them to roam the building.

The fans will now face fines or jail if they storm past guards.

He said: ''Airport passengers faced huge problems and could not check-in at the counters due to the overwhelming numbers of K-Pop fans. This also created a bad public image for the airport.

''This is not the first time many Korean fans had swarmed in the airport and we hope that the stricter measures will ensure such scenes are not repeated.''