Farmer Blows Whistle To Amazingly Gather Flock of Hundreds of Chickens

Nature is really wonderful, but it truly is a mystery. We can understand the very bottom of the ocean as much as we can understand the inner thoughts of the animals living on this planet. We can only guess as to what their intentions might be, but we can never truly be sure if we’ve hit the spot.

There are times when we can’t help but wonder whether the ancient lores were really true. We look at things from a present perspective, but what if the world was completely different from what it is now and those kinds of stories were actually the norm back in the day. Just think about it, people built the pyramids after all. And let’s not forget about the existence of dinosaurs and Stonehenge and the Maya civilization and a number of other historical facts that don’t make much sense.

A few centuries ago, there were two brothers that decided to gather the ancient stories and write them down. They were both educational and extremely scary but nowadays they are a part of the world culture and children all around the world study the altered kid-friendly versions of them. If that’s not enough, Disney is constantly making motion picture versions of the fairytales.

Most of us have heard of the old children's tale of the Pied Piper. The story talks about a piper that could attract animals with the sound of his magic flute. Many versions of this Germanic fairytale have been found in the works of Goethe, the brothers Grimm and even Robert Browning.The original title of this story is the Pied Piper of Hamelin after the little town of Hamelin in Lower Saxony, Germany. It seems that the story may have had some merit as something very similar happens in the video right here! It definitely looks like a sight from a movie or a high fantasy book.

An unusual video from China of a farmer blowing a <a href="" target="_blank">whistle</a> to call hundreds of his chickens. In the clip, which was captured in Guizhou Province on August 14, the farmer blows his whistle and the chickens fly over from all directions and gather on the road to be fed.

It is amazing to see all those chicken <a href="" target="_blank">flock</a> over in one big group! It makes you wonder what the chickens find so attracting about the whistle so much that it makes them want to rush over? It could be that they are just trained that way but that seems very hard to believe. Nonetheless, that sure does make for one interesting video!

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