Fat raccoon enjoys eating from own belly

This raccoon loves to stuff her face while lying flat on her back.

Writes owner and filmer Olga, from Pskov in western Russia: "Raccoon Eva was really enjoying eating from her belly, when Puf [the two share a hutch] decided to turn her over and get some seeds as well!"

Olga has her hands full - and not just with the Eva and Puf. She also looks after another two raccoons, two foxes, a pair of meerkats, four ferrets, a couple of badgers, four cats, two parrots and a dog.

Olga told Newsflare that it had been her wish since childhood to have scores of pets at home. Eight years ago, she bought her first meerkat.

Olga gets help in looking after her family of pets from an unlikely source: her cat. The feline looks after the others as if they're her own kittens, Olga says.