Father Gathers Children During Huge 7.0 Quake

Occurred on November 30, 2018 / Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Info from Licensor: "On this day at about 8:29 am, I was getting my oldest child, who is 6, ready for school and had just made coffee. I felt the initial signs of an earthquake and started checking for my three children. I noticed the middle child, age 4, was not upstairs and headed to get her when the earthquake grew immensely. I yelled for my wife and other children as the earthquake fully hit and decided to grab the other two that were with me. My one-year-old was in the high chair and I knew he was safe for the moment as I went for the other child downstairs. Just as I began heading for her my wife came out of the back bedroom and we both found our four-year-old running for the front door trying to get out. My wife gathered her up and I got the other two kids. We then sat in the middle of the room on the floor with the family until the earthquakes subsided. Pictures, candles, dishes all fell off the walls and broke but no other major injuries or major house damage. All of the incident was captured on our home security video camera. Our kids have been shaken up for days and don't want to be alone in a room. Every time they hear a loud noise they ask if its another earthquake."