Father uses blanket vanishing trick to leave one-year-old son at airport

This is the emotional moment a father used a popular internet vanishing trick to stop his son from crying when he left for work abroad.

Nafson Tolentino, 31, was leaving his wife and one-year-old son Maze Tolentino behind at the airport in Manila, Philippines, to fly to his job in Alberta, Canada. He stays abroad for up to a year each time.

The marketing assistant for a real estate company knew that it would be difficult for Maze to let him go without crying and clinging on to him, so he held up a blanket and waved it around to perform a magic vanishing trick as wife Eula Roque, 27, comforted the infant.

Nafson said: ''This is my special technique for waving goodbye at the airport. It's like magic, and there are no tears.

''Sometimes you just want to leave suddenly without getting upset. It's really difficult when there's a child.

''It's very hard emotionally. This is all part of the life of being a Filipino Overseas Worker (OFW).''

The footage was captured on July 13.