Fawn Follows Man around Lot

Occurred on June 2019 / Enfield, Connecticut, USA

Info from Licensor: "Late one night in Enfield Ct, A fawn imprinted on a local named Steve, as you can see she is following him every where he goes, which helped with saving her life. She was found on the side of a road after her mother had gotten hit by a car, luckily the car had only clipped her, but left her injured, alone and scared. The fact that he drove by at that precise moment made all the difference to this fawn. He drove her to local Dunkin where his girlfriend (me) was currently working at to clean her wounds and give her water. We then all began calling for help. We found a wildlife sanctuary to take her in the morning we sadly couldn’t take her home but a shelter two hours away said they would stay open till we got there and take care of her till morning. saying goodbye was heart breaking but necessary to her survival. Sharing these moments are important because we hope that when someone watches it will encourage them to do the same when the time came (the video you are watching was taken before we went back to the site and discovered the fawns mother)."