Fearless fireman shows how to catch a 16ft king cobra with bare hands

This is the incredible moment a fearless fireman catches a 16ft king Cobra with his bare hands.

Sutee Naewhart, 37, found the 20kg serpent at a house in Krabi, southern Thailand on January 22.

He dragged the deadly snake out by its tail and finally subdued it after a 20 minute struggle. It was then taken back to the fire station in the Ao Nang district.

Steady-handed Sutee laid out the cobra on the front lawn and demonstrated how he caught it - slowly sneaking up behind the snake and running his hands along its body.

He then lifted the serpent in the air and ran his fingers along its neck before getting a firm grip on its throat to prevent it from striking out.

Sutee said: ''It's not difficult to catch a snake without any equipment but we need to think about safety first.

''I caught this snake using only my hands because I didn't want to hurt it using only a snare. I have had lots of practice. But without any experience, it can be fatal.''