Fed up pedestrian clambers along power lines to cross busy road

This is the bizarre moment a man tried to shimmy across power cables in desperate attempt to cross a busy road.

The pedestrian was seen inching his way along the telephone and electricity lines above a jam-packed road in Hanoi, Vietnam on Wednesday (05/12) morning.

Locals believe he had become so fed up of waiting for a break in the traffic to walk across the road, that he had simply clambered up a pole and walked across on the power lines.

Passing motorist Tu Thanh Bui, who recorded the scene, said: ''I still can't understand it. They're power lines. Was he so desperate to cross the road that he risked his life?''

Others also suggested that that man had taken the extreme measure in a bid to overcome Vietnam's notoriously choc-a-bloc traffic congestion.

Minh Chen said: ''I know this part of the road. It's very busy and difficult to cross. I think this is smart idea, as long as the electricity is not on.''

Some social media users branded the man ''spider man'' and praised his agility.

Nguyen Trang said: ''He has very good balance. It looks like spiderman has come to Vietnam. I hope he made it across the road safely.''