Female shopper finds hidden camera in Uniqlo fitting room in China's Shenzhen

Shocking video of a female shopper discovering a hidden camera in the fitting room of a Uniqlo store at Longhua ICO Shopping Centre in southern China's Shenzhen.

In the clip filmed on June 15, Ms Zhong shows the pinhole camera device that she took out from the top of a mirror in a Uniqlo fitting room.

Zhong said: "See, there is a memory card attached to this device with a USB interface." (The filmer's voice has been disguised to protect her anonymity.)

Then Zhong can be heard reporting the case to the local police on the phone.

According to reports, Zhong spotted a black button attached to a small cable trunk hidden behind the top of a mirror in the fitting room when she was trying on clothes.

After she felt the button was warm, she pulled it out and found that it was a camera.

Zhong was terrified and reported it to the staff, they then called the police.

The case is being investigated by police, reports said.