FFS! UK driver caught 'taking selfie behind the wheel'

A woman was caught on dash-cam apparently taking a selfie while driving along a busy road in Wigan in northwest England.

The owner of the dash-cam vehicle noticed the small blue Citroen in front driving "a little weirdly" while driving along Wigan Road (B5238) in Whelley.

Remarkably, the last three letters of the Citroen's registration are "FFS."

In the video, the driver notices that the woman in front does not appear to be paying attention to the road:

"Oh, she's on her phone, that's what it is! She's holding her phone up to the side of her fricking head!" the driver can be heard saying.

The pair are in disbelief when they see the woman stop at a pedestrian crossing and appear to take a selfie while at the wheel: "She's taking a selfie!" says the passenger, the driver's brother-in-law.

"She's not?! She, is isn't she!" says the driver.

The driver later wrote online: "As we stopped at the pedestrian crossing we can clearly see her messing with her phone and even starts to take some selfie photos whilst the car is still moving."