Fighter jet's low pass during airshow terrifies shop employees

Warehouse workers were left terrified after a low flying fighter jet cruised just above where they were working in California last Friday (October 19).

Footage captured in Huntington Beach shows employees of Glowy Zoey completing orders for the Halloween season when the deafening sonics of the aircraft stunned them.

Taking place near to their warehouse was The Great Pacific Airshow which had been showcasing many different planes that day.

The owner of the business Royce Hutain said: "We could hear the planes and jets throughout the day in the distance but they were generally too far away to be noticeable."

Hutain later added: "When the Air Force Thunderbirds performed, one of their manoeuvres had the F16 going directly over the warehouse. This was not expected and was LOUD! We all went running to take a look outside."