Filipino driver rams a car while making a routine parking manoeuvre

This is the moment a bungling driver smashed into a car while trying to perform a routine parking manoeuvre.

The motorist pulled into the multi-storey car park while looking for a space in Calamba City, the Philippines on July 23.

They looked to have an easy task of slotting the white SUV into a huge gap - with no pressure and dozens of more places available in front of them.

But the driver accelerates slowly forward straight into a grey Honda saloon buckling its bonnet and ramming it back into a second parked car.

Onlooker Kim Ibarra captured the collision on his dashcam. Kim said: ''They were only looking for a parking space. There was one right in front of them. It was not difficult.

''The driver either misjudged the angle or they hit the wrong pedal and lost control of their vehicle.''