Fire crews attend scorched earth near Saddleworth Moor

West Yorkshire and Lancashire have been plagued with another moorland fire last night (February 26) as parts of Saddleworth and Marsden Moor were ablaze.

As the ground is very dry, the land has been prone to this kind of environmental damage, which can harm wildlife and prompt evacuations in the area.

Tony Pearson - a station commander for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service - explained: "[We were] back at this incident at first light this morning.

'We've deployed about 35, 40 fire crews onto this land.

"There was about a kilometre long flame...we've now seemed to have got on top of it

"We're going to deploy some crew now, just to walk the whole site - about four to five square kilometres - to make sure it's all out"

Pearson also said: "We'll certainly be getting the message out there that the land is very, very dry and people should be very careful about walking in the land and what they're leaving on the land."

Reports on the ground claimed: "The fire is more on the West Yorkshire side, [on] Marsden Moor, a bit on Saddleworth [Moor] at the top."

The footage was shot on the A62 at Standedge Road from Oldham to Huddersfield.