Firefighters rescue girl hanging from fourth-floor window in China's Ganzhou

Firefighters rescue a girl hanging from the fourth-floor window of a residential building in southern China.

In the video, shot in Ganzhou city in Jiangxi province on July 19, a five-year-old girl hangs from the fourth-floor window as her head gets stuck in the surrounding metal bars.

A fireman tied by a rope lowered down to approach the girl from the building's roof and tried to push the girl inside the flat.

Other firefighters inside the apartment used a pair of metal cutters to release the girl from the bars.

After a while, the girl was carried into the flat safely.

According to reports, the girl's mum went out for grocery shopping and left the girl at home alone.

However, the girl locked the door from inside and climbed onto the window to play, causing the incident.

Fortunately, the girl was not injured and firemen returned her to her parents.