Fishermen rescue two sea turtles trapped in floating rubbish off Thailand

This is the heartwarming moment two stranded sea turtles were rescued after getting tangled in floating rubbish off the coast of Thailand.

Saranwit Phetsang and his five friends were travelling on a speedboat to Racha Noi island for fishing when they noticed the huge garbage patch floating in the ocean in Phuket, Thailand.

They drove closer to the junk to try to remove it from the water before noticing a stricken sea turtle trapped inside a loose fishing net.

Footage from last Wednesday (June 19) shows how one of the fishermen used a pipe to hold the turtle while the other man was bending down, attempting to cut the net with a knife.

But shortly after the big turtle was safely rescued, the group found another baby turtle which had become tangled in a mass of thick plastic rope.

They spent several minutes desperately battling to free her so she could be reunited with the other, larger turtle, believed to be a mother.

Both of the turtles were rescued and could swim back away into the ocean close to where they were found.

Delighted Saranwit said: ''Every time we see garbage in the ocean, we will collect it right away. But this was the first time we saw animals trapped.

''We were glad that we found the turtles and could save them. But not all animals are lucky. So, I’d like everyone to take care of and keep the ocean clean.''